Famous Five mystery series, Sherlock Holmes, Nancy Drew, Robert Langdon and many more. Which ones are the best? Let’s find out! This article will give you some ideas. And you can add your favorites to the list! What are the best mystery books of all time? What characters are worth reading again? What’s the best way to find out? Scroll down to find out. Then, get ready to read the best mystery books of all time!

Famous Five mystery series

The Famous Five mystery series is a very popular family novel series written by Enid Blyton. The series follows the adventures of a family of five children including an adorable dog named Timmy. They live in a small coastal town and have a zany cousin named Dick. The main characters of this series are Anne, Julian, Dick, and Timmy. Anne is the most sensible of the group and is a great help to her family. She is also the wacky Georgia who loves to pretend to be a boy.

The Famous Five mystery series begins in Polzeath, Cornwall. In the first book, the Famous Five discover a shipwreck that was blown up by a storm. As they explore the shipwreck, they come across a treasure map that leads them to the castle where the shipwreck is hidden. They learn the true nature of the treasure and how to recover it before the criminals do.

The Famous Five novels are a series of children’s adventure stories by British author Enid Blyton. The Famous Five series began with the first book, Five on a Treasure Island, published in 1942. There are now twenty-one books in the series and the books have been adapted for television in several countries. In addition to the books, the Famous Five stories are also available as short stories.

Sherlock Holmes

There are many ways to enjoy a good Sherlock Holmes mystery book. For example, you can read the first Sherlock Holmes mystery book, “The Sign of Four,” or try Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Wooden Boat, which features seven different mysteries. These mysteries involve murder, blackmail, robbery, and spirits of the dark. You can also pick up a book that focuses on Holmes’s relationship with his wife, Mary, and learn about the secrets she keeps hidden. In addition to crime solving, these stories are great fun and will engage fans of the famous detective.

In addition to being an interesting and engaging character, Sherlock Holmes is a great role model for readers who want to understand and appreciate his work. His brilliance and sharp mind are his trademarks. He disdains the conventions of society and lives by his own rules. His ideal boyhood is reflected in the many stories he has written. He has a mother figure and roommate, is messy, and enjoys great adventures.

Another great Sherlock Holmes mystery is “The Sign of Four.” In this novel, Dr. Watson and Holmes investigate the murder of bluestockings. In this novel, Holmes and Russell are assigned to solve a case in which bluestockings are murdered by a mysterious group. In this book, Holmes and Russell meet a charismatic suffragette named Margery Childe. In another book, “A Monstrous Regiment of Women,” Holmes and Russell investigate the murder of bluestockings at the New Temple of God.

Nancy Drew

The classic Nancy Drew mysteries are a classic of children’s literature. The protagonist of the series, Nancy Drew, is always eighteen and has solved more than fifty-six mysteries in a single year. A professional detective, Nancy doesn’t attend school, but her dad is totally cool with her spending thousands of dollars to solve mysteries. In fact, her dad has allowed her to solve mysteries for as long as she is willing to spend them.

The classic Nancy Drew mystery series begins with a strange purchase of perfume. The story follows Nancy’s adventures in a house full of spooky occupants. This is an example of an author using an original storyline. The revised version, published in 1971, adds a new character, Stumpy Dowd, to the series. This enables the reader to enjoy the classic series without having to worry about spoilers or confusion.

The Ghost of Blackwood Hall is the 25th Nancy Drew book. In this novel, Nancy meets a superstitious widow and discovers an old mansion with a ghost. While she is unsure of how to help her friend, she is nonetheless determined to solve the mystery. A haunted house, an eerie helicopter note, and a surprise wedding proposal are some of the many mysteries in this book.

Robert Langdon

Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons is one of the best mystery novels of all time. This story revolves around the Catholic church and secret societies, and is a must-read for mystery fans. Dan Brown introduces Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon, an expert on the anti-religious Illuminati. Langdon recurs in the series as the main protagonist and unravels the mysteries that surround the Illuminati.

Dan Brown’s third novel featuring the Harvard symbologist, Robert Langdon, is similar to the two previous novels in the series. Although it isn’t quite at the same level as Angels and Demons, it is still filled with fascinating historical facts tied to the mysteries. This novel was also the best-selling novel of 2009, and I recommend it to fans of the series. However, if you don’t know Robert Langdon, this book will not be for you.

The plot begins with Langdon and his partner Sophie Neveu solving the mystery of a murdered curator at the Louvre. The body of the victim has been covered in mysterious symbols, which can only be deciphered by Robert Langdon. The two team up with a talented French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, to unravel the clues and reveal the killer’s identity. This exciting and entertaining mystery novel will keep you guessing until the final page!

Anthony Gillingham

An amateur sleuth and playwright, Anthony Gillingham has been on the job market for a few years. He is a rollicking good time, having worked as a valet, a waiter, and a tobacconist’s assistant. In the first book, he comes across a dead body in a locked room. His investigation leads him to uncover the identity of the killer, and the murderer is the brother of Mark Ablett. Whether he was the one or not, Gillingham is a good sleuth, and he enjoys the challenge.

Bill Beverly, Anthony’s chum, and the two are a fun pair, a sleuth and a detective. They are attending a house party when a murder occurs, and soon find themselves investigating the circumstances surrounding the death. The house has many mysteries, and Gillingham and Beverley are quick to uncover them. In the course of their investigation, the two men become friends, playing billiards and engaging in a series of capers.

The Red House Mystery, published four years after the First World War, is a witty Golden Age mystery, with wit, comedy, and shrewd characterisation. Gillingham is an appealing and intriguing protagonist, and his friendship with Bill Beverley is strong. While it doesn’t end happily, the story ends with an interesting resolution that leaves room for future investigations. Gillingham could have become a classic Golden Age detective, but he didn’t.

Bill Beverley

If you enjoy thrillers, mystery novels, and murder mysteries, you will love this author’s work. His mystery novels are akin to those written by famous authors, but he has his own distinctive style and plot. Each one ends in a surprising and unpredictable way. His narrative style keeps you guessing until the very end. His characters are believable, and his plots are as compelling as they are entertaining.

William Beverly was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan, and studied at Oberlin College and the University of Florida. He currently lives in Hyattsville, Maryland. His debut novel, Dodgers, is due out from Crown in 2016. This thriller centers around a drug house guard named East, who must choose which way to go. He has written several other books as well, and many fans are eager to read his next work.

Dodgers by Bill Beverly is a crime novel set in a run-down part of Los Angeles. It opens with a police raid on a crack den, and a young girl is killed in the line of fire. East, the fifteen-year-old lookout who witnesses the incident, is held responsible for the death of the girl. In response, East gets a death threat, and the story progresses from there.

Tana French

In the Woods is one of Tana French’s best-selling books. It was published in 2007 and quickly gained international praise. It quickly became a bestseller both in hardcover and paperback. The book was deemed a “Dream Debut” by the Mystery Writers of America and was optioned for a television series by Euston Films. While French began her writing career in her late twenties, her first book, The Likeness, won a prestigious award.

The Dublin Murder Squad series has garnered a devoted readership and an impressive shelf of awards. Her debut novel, “The Girl Who Came to Dinner,” was an instant bestseller, and her second novel delved into the detective’s bafflement past. Since then, French has remained true to her ethos and continues to redefine the thriller genre. Instead of developing a single sleuth or a single protagonist in the series, French tries out a new perspective with each novel. There are seven books in the series, and none of them requires that readers have read any previous novels.

In The Woods is a slow-burn character-driven novel, and is perhaps French’s most acclaimed novel to date. The story revolves around a detective who is attempting to reconnect with his grown daughter in the States, while fixing up a run-down Irish house. Meanwhile, a child asks him to help find his missing sister. But as his investigation deepens, he begins to question his own sense of self and the innocence of her actions.